What is humm?

In simple terms, humm is an easy alternative to paying with cash or credit card and allows you to pay in monthly instalments.

humm allows you to spread out the cost of your treatment at Thérapie Fertility. It’s that simple!
Applications can all be done online (please ensure that you are not using Internet Explorer). If you are approved for finance with humm, you can use this approval for any treatment at Thérapie Fertility.

*Interest rates and fees are dependent on your plan.

To be eligible for humm you must meet the following criteria:

Be at least 18 years of age
Provide proof of PPS number & address
Be an Irish citizen or permanent resident of Ireland
Earn a minimum taxable income of €1,000 per month
Have a current credit/debit card and a photo ID
Have a good credit history

Thérapie Fertility Clinic

We are the most accessible fertility clinic in Ireland. We place great importance on providing exceptional care at affordable prices to every patient that comes through our doors.

About us

Putting you first

Thérapie Fertility Clinic boasts a team of Ireland’s top Fertility experts, led by the brilliant Dr. John Kennedy.

Our team has helped over 3000 intended parents to build their families. It’s because of our expertise and experience that we can assure you that every patient journey is given personalised care and attention as we bring you through one of the most important journeys of your life.

Patient Care

Feeling cared for makes the process of going through fertility treatment a little bit easier… and that’s just what we’ll do for you. Our team is here to look after you every step of the way.

We’ll listen to your needs, explore all your options and give you a treatment plan that will give you the best chance at success. You can be assured that every patient is given the same level of care but with exceptional prices.

Flexible Payment Options

We believe that fertility treatment should be accessible for everyone, in fact it’s one of the core values behind our clinic. Because of this we have payment plans (with monthly instalments) that will allow you to avail of our treatments without paying for your entire service in advance.  

At an important time in your life, the convenience of having monthly payments is one less thing to worry about.
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Redia IVF

Redia IVF is a Refund Guarantee programme for those going through fertility treatment. In simple terms, instead of paying for a single cycle of IVF, you will pay a fixed fee at the start of your fertility journey, and you will not pay any more than that.

The fee you pay up front will allow you to go through 3 full IVF cycles and will also cover the cost of the transfer of all embryos generated from those cycles. If your fertility treatment is not successful within the agreed time frame, you will be refunded in full.

The Redia IVF programme is a way of providing you peace of mind at a really stressful time in your life, in terms of financial security.

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If you are unsure about taking those first steps towards fertility treatment, why not request a call back from one of our friendly team members? We can talk you through the process, with no strings attached.

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