What is humm?

In simple terms, humm is an easy alternative to paying with cash or credit card and allows you to pay in monthly instalments.

humm allows you to spread out the cost of your treatment at Thérapie Fertility. It’s that simple!
Applications can all be done online (please ensure that you are not using Internet Explorer). If you are approved for finance with humm, you can use this approval for any treatment at Thérapie Fertility.

*Interest rates and fees are dependent on your plan.

To be eligible for humm you must meet the following criteria:

Be at least 18 years of age
Provide proof of PPS number & address
Be an Irish citizen or permanent resident of Ireland
Earn a minimum taxable income of €1,000 per month
Have a current credit/debit card and a photo ID
Have a good credit history

Treatments & Testing

Your fertility health

We have a large selection of treatments to help you on your fertility journey



The term In-vitro fertilisation or IVF, literally means fertilisation “in glass” and refers to the process where a person’s eggs are fertilised outside of the body in the laboratory. Using sperm, embryos are created which are then transferred back to the uterus a few days later, or frozen for use at a later date.

The first successful IVF baby was born in 1978 in Manchester, England. Since then, millions of babies have been born through IVF and ICSI treatment.

Egg Freezing

Take control of your future by freezing your eggs with Thérapie Fertility! Egg freezing at a younger age gives your future family the best possible chance.

Feel empowered and consider your future self. By freezing your eggs, hopefully you will be more fertility aware. It’s not an ‘insurance policy’ but it certainly is an additional support in your future journey to growing your family.

Reciprocal IVF

Reciprocal IVF, also known as shared motherhood is an increasingly popular option at Thérapie Fertility. It affords same sex female couples the opportunity to share the physical experience of pregnancy.

The process involves one of the partners providing the eggs to be used in an IVF cycle with donor sperm, while the other partner will carry the pregnancy when the embryos are transferred back into her uterus.


IUI or Intrauterine Insemination works by putting sperm directly into your uterus around the time you’re ovulating, helping the sperm get closer to your egg.

The main difference between IUI and IVF is that with IUI, the fertilization of the egg takes place internally and not in a fertility laboratory. It is minimally invasive and the most affordable form of assisted reproduction available.

Frozen Embryo Transfer

The frozen embryo transfer works in almost the same way as the fresh embryo transfer. The only difference being that the embryos which have been created and frozen need to be thawed before use.

Surgical Sperm Retrieval​

Surgical Sperm Retrieval is a technique for collecting sperm directly from a man’s testicles or epididymis. It is a procedure carried out under local anaesthetic and/or with sedation. The fertility team may use different methods of SSR depending on your hormone levels and testicular size.

Donor Sperm

There are many reasons why a person or a couple may need to use donor sperm on their journey to parenthood. Donor sperm can be used for IUI, IVF/ICSI as well as Reciprocal IVF.

We work with the European Sperm Bank in order to provide our patients with the highest standard of sperm available. Our unique patient portal allows you to order your sperm directly from the bank, giving you the lowest possible prices and the most amount of control over the selection process.


Fertility Tests and Assessments for Women

In order to proceed with any fertility treatment, it’s essential that you undergo a series of testing and assessments. This will allow our fertility specialists to draw up a treatment plan that gives you the highest chance at a successful outcome.


The AMH test measures the amount of anti-müllerian hormone in the blood. AMH can provide information about the ovarian reserve, the quantity of eggs that are left.


The use of transvaginal ultrasound allows us a simple yet effective way to investigate the overall health of your reproductive organs.


A HyCoSy (short for Hysterosalpingo-contrast-sonography) is a safe and efficient procedure used to investigate infertility by looking at the cavity of the uterus and the fallopian tubes during a transvaginal ultrasound scan.

If either the cavity or the tubes are damaged, it may prevent you from becoming pregnant or maintaining a pregnancy.


A hysteroscopy is a procedure used to examine the inside of the uterus in order to search for conditions which could inhibit becoming pregnant or maintaining a pregnancy. It’s carried out using a hysteroscope, which is a narrow telescope with a light and camera at the end. Images are sent to a monitor so that your fertility specialist can see inside your uterus.

Fertility Tests and Assessments for Men

In order to proceed with any fertility treatment, it’s essential that you undergo some tests and assessments. This will allow our fertility specialists to draw up a treatment plan that gives you the highest chance at a successful outcome.

Sperm Analysis

A complete sperm analysis measures the quantity and quality of the fluid released during ejaculation. It evaluates both the liquid portion, called semen or seminal fluid, and the microscopic, moving cells called sperm.

DNA Sperm Fragmentation

The DNA sperm fragmentation investigation is a separate test to the semen analysis and can help us to identify if there is DNA damage present within the sperm which may be a contributing cause to infertility. The cost of a semen analysis (usually €120) is included in the DNA Sperm Fragmentation test price.

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